course expectations and syllabus standard 2012-2013
course expectations and syllabus standard 2012-2013
course expectations and syllabus standard 2012-2013

Unit 1: The enlightenment and French Revolution

In this unit you will begin to understand the changes in political and social thought that were circulating in Europe during the 18th century. We will explore the affects of those changes on the government of France. and answer questions such as:
  • What were the new political ideas of major enlightenment thinkers?
  • What were the long and short term causes of the French revolution?
  • What caused the French revolution to take a more radical turn?

Unit Preview: You may view the unit preview here:
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external image msword.png
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Class notes and documents:

Dangerous Liasons
French revolution documentary

​Assignment 1: Chapter 5.1
Assignment2: Chapter 5.2
Assignment 3: Chapter 6.1
Assignment 4: Chapter 6.2
Assignment 5: Chapter 6.3

Unit 2: Napoleon and the congress of Vienna

Kahn Academy--rise of Napoleon


Assignment 1: 10/9 chapter 6.4
Assignment 2: 10/18 Chapter 8.1

Napoleon: the Glory of France Video:

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Password: Eagles

Here is a copy of the Chart we will filled in in class:


1. In class paragraph: was Napoleon a hero or a tyrant?
2. Congress of Vienna Socratic Seminar

Congress of Vienna socratic seminar assignment
Students will discuss the following 3 questions. Students may bring in notes for the discussions.
  • What were the strengths and weaknesses of the new map of Europe that was produced by the congress of vienna?
  • Why were the years from 1815-1848 sometimes called the Age of Metternich?
  • How did Democracy and nationalism clash with the Metternich system?

Unit 3: Latin America