The purpose of this project is for you to learn about the cultures of various Latin American countries and the relation of aspects of those cultures to the history of the region. This project SHOULD be fun and interesting.

Your class will be divided into groups. Each group will be assigned a country to research. You will be using this wiki to post your findings for the class and me to see. As with any group project, I expect that you will each do your share of the work.


Assignments: Your group should create a page for your country which will contain the following

1. A pie chart representing the current ethnic composition of your country. Cite the source of the information
2. A brief explanation of the connection between the colonial history of the country and its current ethnic composition. Cite the source of your information. MAKE SURE YOU USE AT LEAST TWO SOURCES (NO WIKIPEDIA PLEASE) AND AVOID PLAGIARIZING.
3. Find examples from the world wide web of the following cultural features in country which reflect the ethnicities that you have identified in number 1 and number 2. Include at least two examples of each of the following.

  • Food
  • Music
  • Dance or movement
  • Visual Arts
  • Costume

For each example cite your source, provide identification and a brief written explanation of the connection between it and the ethnic groups of the country.

A Useful Link to start with:

The African Roots Of Latin Music

  • You will be doing this project outside of class. We will move on during class time.
  • Use the discussion space to communicate with your group from home.
  • I have created the pages...you and your group should fill in the appropriate one. Make sure you use the one for the correct class period and put your names somewhere on the page just to make sure

  • Pie Chart 10%
  • Ethnic History 30%
  • Cultural Connection 50%
  • Overall Appearance and effort 10%
  • You will be graded as a group, however, I will be looking to make sure everyone is contributing. If your group is discussing on line and there are never any posts from you...I will notice.

Due date:
  • Your pages should be completed by Thursday November 19th
  • We will use class time that day to look at all of the pages and discus