Semester II

The Economics Project:

Here are some interesting links to help you plan your budgets. They will give you a rough idea of how most Americans spend their money:

how the average american spends money

Living wage vs. Minimum wage in MA
Vnity fair article

Social Security statistics

Presentations and spreadsheets due the 1st class after February Vacation

Economics Research Essay:

Now that you have finished your projects, you will be writing an essay to analyze the information you found. You will be answering the following question:

Is social mobility a reasonable possibility for the average American?

The exact requirements of the assignment can be found below.

Outline Due: 3/9

Rough Draft Due: 3/16
Final Draft Due 3/23

In Addition to the resources on Ms. Koltov's web page you will need to use your classmates' projects as part of your research:

Period 3: Period 1:

The 1920s-1930s:

Assignment 1: pages 682-688
Assignment 2: pages 705-10

In Class Essay: 2/15

Assignment 3: pages 720-725
The Crash: American experience video

Assignment 4: Pages 725-732
Assignment 5: Pages 732-738

A Chart to help you take notes:


Due Date for this Project TBA


Assignment 1: Pages 595-606 3/26
Assignment 2: Early foreign policy documents: 3/29

Daily Show Libya
Daily show freedom packages

Assignment 3: Why and how did the US expand in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? (no more than 2 sides of a page handwritten.)

Foreign Policy II WWII-present
Assignment 1. Cold War begins 788-799 due Fri 4/27
Assignment 2.Cold War politics 803-806 and truman doctrine Due 4/30
Assignment 3: Eisenhower 822-830 Due 5/7
Assignment 4: Kennedy and Johnson 855-858 and 878-883

Links to the John Kerry and Richard Nixon Speeches we read in class:
John KerryNixon's Speech

Quiz Friday 5/17

Domestic Policy Project Due 5/4

Assignment 5: Carter 907-910 Reagan 920-924 Bush 925-928
Assignment 6: Clinton 950-52 Bush 954-960


Power points for study purposes: